Striped ice cream has been around for ages ! You probably won’t know this but  ‘ Mr Softee’ ice cream vans in the 1960’s used to have a ‘Rippler’ machine fitted. I must give thanks to Steve Tillyer here. His book, the ‘Mister Softee Story’  goes into the detail about this. Unfortunately, these Rippler machines were notoriously unreliable and therefore disappeared.  Fantastic concept though !

Well since then we have had the infamous ‘ Flavour Burst’  from Taylor in America. These machines are sold for MANY thousands of pounds, only fit Taylor ice cream machines and apparently break down a LOT , causing their owners lots of grief. Also they slow down the job, because they give the customer the choice of whichever flavours they want, hence giving rise to long holdups in the the queue, whilst they make their mind up ! I think we give that one a BIG thumbs down folks. NB. Mr Stripey has this one covered. Bear with us

We also have Carpigiani’s ‘Colore’ machine. This costs LOTS OF MONEY but will only stripe one flavour at a time! Not good Carpigiani ! They DO give you a choice of flavours but still only ONE flavour per cone. Mr Stripey does better ! Lots better ! Colore machines use special syrup, which costs LOTS ! We have been told by our customers that they break down LOTS ! They cost a LOT to repair too. We hear all these stories from people in the trade. We do know a LOT of people in the ice cream trade.

Then there was the ‘Rainbow Rippler’. We have been inundated with stories from people who bought these machines a few years back. We bought one ! I know ??

Basically, we bought a Rainbow, couldn’t get it to work as we wished and tried to get help which wasn’t forthcoming. You know, answerphone on permanently , no supplies of juice,  didn’t want to know! So we decided to start afresh. Clean sheet of paper. We had engineering facilities, knew the concept of striped ice cream was great, so embarked upon the job of re engineering what everybody else had NOT managed to do.

By all accounts, we succeeded ! We can supply you with a machine to add on to your existing ice cream machine, to give it the ability to stripe your ice creams with lovely, glossy, tasty, multicoloured stripes. Our machine is cost effective , does not give trouble, or if it does, we will sort you out double quick. Running costs are low. We give you brilliant , non fade point of sale. Plus also unlimited telephone back up or whatever it takes to keep your business floated. We love our customers folks!

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