Welcome to Mr Stripey Central. If you have arrived at this page, it is a fair bet you are in the ice cream trade, or interested in ice cream.

You might have an ice cream van or vans, or possibly a shop or a cafe or a sales outlet at some beauty spot or maybe a holiday hotspot, beach or similar.

Well, whatever your background or what ever place you trade,we are all in hard times, at present, it is true to say. You could well be looking for a way to boost your sales. Something new to cultivate or rekindle interest in your business and ultimately make you the extra profits to enable you survive in this new age of austerity.

Look no further ! You are in the right place. We have what you need ! Mr Stripey can give you the answer. With a one off purchase you can reliably produce ice creams, like the one above, to win new fans and customers on your round or in your park, or wherever you trade. Mr Stripey is the new face of ice cream, giving you the ability to produce a classy product that guarantees you boosted sales plus a much improved street  image. Most of all, lots more profit!  Our product is making big progress. Stripey ice cream is getting known and loved across the UK and abroad now. Stripey ice creams look and taste gorgeous !  Repeat business is guaranteed. We guarantee you success   ( Or your money back ).

It is primarily a visual thing : People see one, then they want one. When they taste one well! Hooked is generally the case. Mr Stripey does genuinely taste really nice. REALLY NICE !

We give you all the help and backup you need to get you striping and improving your business. We are in this for the long haul, so will be around if you need us, whenever.

Find out more by reading the pages on this web site. When you are ready, get in touch.

You won’t regret it.